I feel there is a reason you came to this site as I believe there is reason and purpose for everything that happens in our life. I welcome you and invite you to browse the various pages. I am a “conscious” Channel and have been channeling since 1990. My story is in “About Margaret”

The purpose of my Website is to help others with the various talents I have been blessed with. As you will read on the page “About Margaret”, I channel a spiritual teacher who calls himself Gunter and very recently a new group of guides who wish to be called the Guides of Compassionate Healing. You will also find an explanation of channeling and conscious channel on the “Channeling” page.

It is my hope that you can use these things as tools for your growth. Sometimes an answer may lie right before us and it takes just one small thing to recognize it. I will be adding more things as time progresses so keep checking.

“Whatever you think, so shall you be. There are no limits.” Gunter

“The Forgiveness CD is wonderful and has been most helpful with assisting me with clearing/releasing (old) energy/blockage etc. I highly recommend Margaret’s CD.

What a wonderful tool to use anytime and especially following the removals she does on ourselves, family, friends, or other. Sometimes I feel we may get so into the immediate results following the removals that we forget we still have our own work to do too. Such as forgiveness.

And what better way to get rid of the old so the new can flow in. Margaret’s CD is on my list as one of the best $15 invested in my spiritual dance.”

Debbie, CoronaCalifornia

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